Sing the funky music

…While making traditional kuih, the classic Sarang Semut. A bit of funk and colours, we got what I call the ‘Funky Sarang Semut’. Made a bottle for my mum tis Raya. Cos her kuih mostly are traditional, which is nothing wrong. But sometimes, boring.

With or without you…

First of all, I love Kina Grannis duet of U2’s With or Without You with err, I cannot remember who. But it can be found on YouTube and it’s lovely. And speaking of with or without you, it has been 24 hours since I have gone without ‘you’ whom I thought I couldn’t part with: FB and Rice.

I had the taste of not connecting to FB for two weeks while doing my umrah and it was not so bad. I am beginning to think that I could do without these social networking distractions. But then again, sometimes I do want to connect. It is a want. Not a need. And since I promised myself I shall try and romance the holy month of Ramadan fully this year, one distraction has got to go.

And rice? I am jawa through and through. Anak jawa mana boleh tak makan nasi? I sometimes eat rice 3 times a day. But now in my 30s, I conceded defeat. My metabolic rate is not getting anymore hyper so if I do not wish to look like a tong beras because of my addiction to beras, I better start weaning of slowly. Ramadan, I guess is a good start. So far, it has been 24 hours without rice and I am not cranky–yet. Let’s see how long this can last, shall we?

*ps Cranberries concert. Did anyone go? If not for Ramadan, I would be back home in Singapore, Ode to My Family and Zombie hey hey hey what’s it your head? They were awesome weren’t they?


The food dilemma

I was at Bangsar Village last Friday, on the eve of the Bersih rally and while walking around, I decided to drop by the video shop. I like the video shop across Village Grocer because they always have the Rm 9.90 special offer for certain titles. There were quite a few last Friday and of all things, I had to pick up the film Food Inc. The dvd cover says that after you watch this film, be prepared not to be able to see your meals ever the same way again.

And of all things, I had to watch it after dinner that very night. And I felt like puking my dinner all out. Here’s the snippet to it.

Cooking Soda

… And I was baited by advertising and gimmick. I bought it out of whim and now wondering whether I should be a lil wiser next time. Sometimes I forget I’m no longer 13. I attribute this to the Glee season 2 marathon I had recently. My pick of the season? Chord Overstreet playing Sam Evans. Boy band good looks AND dyslexic. Whoever said Ken was perfect?

And the video I’m talking about is…

Move aside samba…

Coz I prefer sambal. I can’t live without sambal. I tried and I couldn’t.

This sambal from Rex, in Singapore. It used to be too delicious but now the standard has dropped significantly.

Indonesians make the best and out of this world sambals. I had this at Batam. After a yummilicious spa outing with my bestfriend sometime last week.

The secret lies in…

The last indulgence I had at Secret Recipe. This is choco-berry-cheesecake. Thereafter, we got news that their supplier punked on them by supplying them with some non-halal ingredients. Should I boycott Secret Recipe then? Of course not. The products in question are the cakes, which for a while I can always lay off while waiting for the official statement from Secret Recipe itself. There are other menus in the restaurant chain that can feed me halal and hence there is no reason for any outcry to boycott secret recipes or whatever.

Just like the case with the Christian groups performing their da’wah here and now Secret Recipe etc… Melatah seems to be the most feasible reactions here in the case of being poked in any part of their social life. For me, what is more grave for them to melatah about is the fact that Malaysia ranked amongst the top ten in the world for alcohol consumption. Faith issues aside, imagine how many thousand livers have been damaged to reach that ranking.

Between priority and drama, which is more important here, I wonder.

Btw, the cake was delicious.

Bull’s eye

I’m my worst critic when it comes to something I churned out from the kitchen. However today, I had the EUREKA moment. My Lemon Yoghurt Chocolate loaf came out tasting amazing, to myself and those who had it (student’s mum, Pinoy helper, students, husband). This recipe is really for keeps.