Ms Red Morris

I took this picture 2 Saturdays ago in front of Coffee Bean at The Curve. There were about 20 over Morris Minors on convoy, from the MM club Selangor for the Petaling Jaya Day celebration. This one here is my favourite. Red and cute. I can imagine myself driving this one. IF I finally pass and get that Lesen lah… Which I will frame up to remind myself daily that if I can get over this big.. no.. Huge fear of driving, I can do anything else.


After more than a month of not training (I think almost 2 months), I stepped foot into the dojo again last night. It felt like a great homecoming, especially with the two Sensei-s from Jakarta.

But I felt like a sack of potatoes. Heavy and clumsy. My ukemi went ‘thud.. thud..thud’ instead of ‘swish swoosh swish swoosh’.


Growing up, I had too many issues with his iron fist parenting. I am an Aries, stubborn and bold. He was a first time parent, determined to make things right in whatever he saw was wrong in this world. And his tool to do that was of course, by bringing up his firstborn the way he thought would be the best manner to achieve his goals.

Being the first daughter, I knew I had the most important key and that was the father-daughter bonding that only we would know (similar to mothers and sons) and that he melts when it comes to issues about me. That, however didn’t compromise the discipline and the authoritative parenting approach he imposed upon me. He gave me a tight slap when I flunked my first Maths test when I was 9 years old (barking the classic ‘jangan besar nanti jadi macam melayu lain duduk lepak bawah block’), denied me of the night outings with my friends, threatened to lock me out of the house in my young adult days when I insisted on going out till late at night and everything else.

But he was also my confidante and the person whom I ran to with every bit of trouble I face in this world. I knew he would be there, always.

For everything that you have done for me, bapak, Happy Father’s Day. I couldn’t ask for a better dad. Cliche as it may sound, you are the best!

If you can…

… find this book, buy it, read it, look for his fb and twitter and youtube, stalk him online and get inspired by him. And then recommend it and later him, to just about anyone you know.

Step 3

I passed the driving theory exam today which means that there is only one thing left to do. To get behind the wheels and move that four wheeled vehicle we call car, something I have been dreading and avoiding for more than a decade. Next week will be circuit training and whoopsie. I’m going to be in the driver’s seat and actually make the car move?

Come on come on. I can do this. I can overcome this. *OOooooommmmmmmppph.*