Who writes all these (nonsense) ?

There are many variations to that phrase of course. Other’s would say ‘ like real lah you !’ OR in other words, it would also mean ‘ berbual champion !’

BUT, as my people would say where I came from…. ‘ Ye ye orhhh sajer ‘

That’s what the blogging world is about right? Everyone nak ye ye orh sajer… 😛

Percicilan is really actually pecicilan without the R. Pecicilan in Javanese means hyperactive. Well, that describes my nature. Hence that’s probably why I never ended up as a real philosopher but just a toilet seat one. For I think just as long as I am doing my number 2. Heee

Some facts about myself :

I am in Malaysia but I am not from here. I am Javanese but I have never lived in Java nor is an Indonesian by any standards. I was born and bred on an island that was once the playground of Sang Nila Utama and Parameswara. I detox by writing, I survive by reading and I love food too much. Married and loving it, we are a pair of books-traveling-photography-aikido-foodie couple. Other than those 5 things, the husband and I are as different as cheese and sambal belacan.

I dream of becoming The National Geographic Traveler’s writer and photographer. But alas, that is just a dream. Would they want to employ a ‘ye ye orhhh’ toilet seat philosopher ? I doubt. So just go on and read me, if you don’t mind things churned out from the W.C ! 😛

Talk to me at percicilan@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “Who writes all these (nonsense) ?

  1. Hi!

    Am myself is an Asian, too. Married with 2 kids.

    Reading has been in my blood ever since I was a boy. Writing, I start lately. Traveling is part of my job some years ago, especially throughout Indonesia.

    Nice to see other Asian on this cyber world; glad I found you and your ‘walkings’. Keep up the good ‘walks’! I’ll follow as far as I can 🙂

  2. Wandered here from Is’s blog, its so funny because my younger cat’s name is “percil” I think short for percicilan, my late Javanese great grandmother gave him the name. She passed on in April this year, but the cat and the name lives on. The name makes me smile thinking of her.

    I love the name of your blog!

  3. hahaha… brings back memories when my granny would utter these words when someone trying to show off…
    with the sentil full in her mouth…

  4. Hi there!

    When I saw the word ‘ye ye orh’, macam tak percaya gitu coz not many people used it. This word is already part of my everyday vocab. Me too is Javanese by race but not unfortunately never made any further effort to master its beautiful language. But hey, I can count 1-5 in Javanese. Not bad, kan! hehehe…

    I can relate to a few of your post (like the Hantu KumKum and recently the Makcik Keropok). Being in the same little island you grew up from, I’m glad I got to know someone who made it far out there.

    Best lah!

  5. Hi Percicilan. This is a comment long overdue, but a comment I have had intentions to make nonetheless. I was pleasantly surprised when you left your thoughts in my blog (for it had languished so long without updates, there would hardly be any readers!).

    I have wandered around briefly in this site, and gather that you have left our home country for good. I am living in Australia now, so perhaps such a fate would be eventual, though having said that, I don’t know whether Australia is it. Only time can tell.

    Salam Ramadhan. 🙂

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