Mating In Our Garden

Nothing pornographic. Just the biology of snails mating. The husband, always the lucky bloke to get good shots of nature. So this is how snails do it hur hur hur.

I like the 2nd photo best. Can actually see both snails ‘mata terbeliak’.

Now I just hope that the female snails not too fertile to produce too many baby snails. Babies are cute, but theirs can be a nuisance at times.


That thing we did…

The aik/ sem.i.nar organised by our dojo was an awesome success. The hours passed by like minutes and before we knew it, the day was over. But it’s not over for our dojo gang, cause sensei will be here for two weeks, which means two solid weeks of daily training. Which means we are not going anywhere for my birthday/wedding anniversary this year but the dojo. Not a bad idea after all…

The full day training whizzed by just like that. But although it was exhausting, everyone enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And of course, I tremendously enjoyed our Japanese dinner with Sensei and the other aikido couple. It felt like a triple date of sorts. heh

My fish roe and salmon pasta. Simply speak, delicious!

The accidental extra order, which was packed for somebody’s lunch for today..

My current favourite, Matcha Tiramisu with red bean paste. This one, I have to say is too lovely. Like LOVELY !

Peel it layer by layer

I combed the world wide web and my recipe book dungeon for a cake recipe. Not any specific recipe but a cake recipe. Because my parents are coming in ten days time and I need a recipe. The pretext of it is of course, parents are coming so it would be nice to bake a cake for them. I did find a cake recipe which I really like and I am ready to paint the kitchen red. Of course, still on the pretext of it would be nice to welcome my parents with a cake.

Shall I venture to dig deeper in? Whom am I trying to kid, really? Beyond the pretext, I do actually acknowledge that this is not about my parents, nor the cake. It is about me trying to prove to them that I can bake a cake.

Beyond the pretext, the core is always about myself, really. Or rather – that ego thing I have. The basis of all my actions and reactions, unfortunately.

Hence a red velvet cake it shall be, the inflating agent to my big E.

It’s yesterday once more…

I stole this from the facebook group started by some family members. I screamed for the husband to come up and see this.
THIS, I declared to him proudly, was the house I spent the best time of my life in. This was the house I grew up in, from the late 70s to early 80s.

Funny that now I’m looking at it, I can feel my hair standing on ends. As though a part of me is still there.

Time’s Up

When one’s time is up, it’s really up. And no amount of begging for that extra five minutes will do. Just when I was still getting the shock (over the death of Kak Ruby) out of my system, as she died barely ten days since I last spoke to her, I received the news of another unexpected demise.

At around maghrib just now, an sms came in from Jakarta, from our Sensei-S herself, informing us that her mother, whom hosted us in their ( Sensei-S’s parent’s home) has gone back to meet her creator. And that was an unpleasant surprise for me, as we were there staying at their house throughout our training stint in Jakarta.

She was fine, cheerful and such a lovely gracious host, who cooked us delicious Javanese food. She was always watching sinetron, before we left for training she was already watching her sinetron, when we came back late at night, she was STILL watching her sinetron. Our parting shot was that she gave me a nice batik nightdress from Yogja. And she bade us farewell with ‘Nanti ketemu lagi yaaa!’

Yes Tante. Insya Allah nanti kita ketemu lagi, di Padang Masyar. Saat kamu nanti dihitung amalannya, akan ku menjadi saksi yang kamu telah ¬†melayan kami, tetamu mu yang datang untuk menuntut ilmu dari anak dan menantumu, dengan penuh hormat dan seikhlas hati.. Dan untuk itu, kami doakan kamu ditempatkan di antara orang-orang yang soleh dan dikasihi…


That Lukman in question

It’s 2.50 am. And I am still working. But at this moment, I was getting a bit tired of editing my work and M.Nasir’s Akar-Kita song blasted as my companion through the night. I’ve listened to this song for years and have tried to decipher the lyrics in many ways but only tonight, through it, I learnt about a personality of the past.

Akar kita
Akar kita

Harus menjalar dalam dan jauh
Bicara sang pohon keramat tua
Kalau mahu matahari
Menimbah karunianya

Langit tinggi lagi jelas pandangan
Mudah baca cabaran mendatang
Mudah buat perkiraan
Matang dan tepat kesasaran

(Hujan tak datang)
(Langit kontang)

Hati tak resah atau rasa gundah
Bila jejari membenam ke mata air
Itulah pesanan Lukman
Pada putranya di waktu duha

Dia pergi mencari suara emas

Akar kita
Akar kita

The whole lyric is very poetic. But I am more interested to know about the Lukman in it. The one who gave advice to his son ‘di waktu duha’ ( in the mid-morning). All along I had suspected that it would be Luqman al Hakim (and I found out tonight that I was right ) but only tonight’s snooping around led me to find out more about this small built woodsmith who was famous for his advices to his son, Ibnu Katsir who later went on to be one of Islam’s greatest scholars and learned man.

I found the list of the advices of Luqman to his son here. May her soul be blessed for sharing.

Now my playlist is playing BonJovi’s Always. I don’t think I need to wonder which ‘babeyyy’ he is serenading about. Some blond of the season, perhaps.

Goodbye, Kak Ruby

Ruby Ahmad February 4 at 8:41pm

Oh wonderful to hear that.

2010 has been extra good thus far, Alhamdulillah. Somehow, pintu rezki buka dengan lebih baik & I am pleased.

I just read her pm to me via Facebook again. I find it quite hard to believe what happened. Sometimes she smsed to ask how we are doing, sometime calls, sometimes we chatted for so long the hours seemed like minutes. She got easily excitable over simple things and she was always chatty. She laughed at my wedding pics when she was at our place and she was one person who always had something good to say about someone, no matter how much of an a** the rest think of the person.

But yesterday, she was gone, leaving this world forever. And I can never ever be more shocked.

Dear Kak Ruby,

Thanks for all your help for us here, like a real fairy god-mother. Thanks for fussing about our existence here. Thanks for your advice and bright and cheery mannerism. Goodbye and may Allah bless you for all that you have done in this world.

Al Fathehah for Kak Ruby Ahmad.