The secret lies in…

The last indulgence I had at Secret Recipe. This is choco-berry-cheesecake. Thereafter, we got news that their supplier punked on them by supplying them with some non-halal ingredients. Should I boycott Secret Recipe then? Of course not. The products in question are the cakes, which for a while I can always lay off while waiting for the official statement from Secret Recipe itself. There are other menus in the restaurant chain that can feed me halal and hence there is no reason for any outcry to boycott secret recipes or whatever.

Just like the case with the Christian groups performing their da’wah here and now Secret Recipe etc… Melatah seems to be the most feasible reactions here in the case of being poked in any part of their social life. For me, what is more grave for them to melatah about is the fact that Malaysia ranked amongst the top ten in the world for alcohol consumption. Faith issues aside, imagine how many thousand livers have been damaged to reach that ranking.

Between priority and drama, which is more important here, I wonder.

Btw, the cake was delicious.


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