Sing the funky music

…While making traditional kuih, the classic Sarang Semut. A bit of funk and colours, we got what I call the ‘Funky Sarang Semut’. Made a bottle for my mum tis Raya. Cos her kuih mostly are traditional, which is nothing wrong. But sometimes, boring.

Perihal Kuih

Kuih paling gangster= Lompat Tikam
Kuih paling sexy= Puteri Mandi
Kuih paling keji= Taik Itik
Kuih bajet cute= Cek Mek Molek
Kuih untuk awet muda= Seri Muka
…Kuih paling alim= Kuih Ketayap
Kuih penyakit lelaki kronik= Batang Buruk
Kuih suka pukul= Kuih Lompang
Kuih dalam zoo= Badak Berendam
Kuih untuk Sam Polis Trafik= Kuih Sampreeeeettttt
Kuih yg bangun sendiri= Kuih Bangkit
Kuih org x mandi= Kuih Bau-lu
Kuih paling tenteram= Kuih Makmur
Kuih paling lembap= Kuih Siput

With or without you…

First of all, I love Kina Grannis duet of U2’s With or Without You with err, I cannot remember who. But it can be found on YouTube and it’s lovely. And speaking of with or without you, it has been 24 hours since I have gone without ‘you’ whom I thought I couldn’t part with: FB and Rice.

I had the taste of not connecting to FB for two weeks while doing my umrah and it was not so bad. I am beginning to think that I could do without these social networking distractions. But then again, sometimes I do want to connect. It is a want. Not a need. And since I promised myself I shall try and romance the holy month of Ramadan fully this year, one distraction has got to go.

And rice? I am jawa through and through. Anak jawa mana boleh tak makan nasi? I sometimes eat rice 3 times a day. But now in my 30s, I conceded defeat. My metabolic rate is not getting anymore hyper so if I do not wish to look like a tong beras because of my addiction to beras, I better start weaning of slowly. Ramadan, I guess is a good start. So far, it has been 24 hours without rice and I am not cranky–yet. Let’s see how long this can last, shall we?

*ps Cranberries concert. Did anyone go? If not for Ramadan, I would be back home in Singapore, Ode to My Family and Zombie hey hey hey what’s it your head? They were awesome weren’t they?