Chelsea’s mum is coming

Mrs Clinton as in Chelsea’s mother will be in KL this week, at the husband’s former postgrad campus. Mrs Clinton stood by her man after the whole media saga exposing his affair with the buxom Ms Monica. Mrs Clinton then wanted to be the first lady president of the United States.

I asked the husband since he got the invite for it, can I just have a picture taken with Mrs Clinton please? Cause I really like Chelsea, the daughter she raised, and although I won’t do what she did i.e stand by a cheating husband, I admire her guts for even trying to run for presidency.

I have not gotten any response to my request–yet.

Chanced Meeting

Walking out to go for training, I thought I saw some glittering pearls… But they were just droplets of rain on the leaf.
But nevertheless, I think they are lovely.

And I still find it hard to believe that the image below was captured by a camera phone


I am experiencing the wonderful feeling of what the Malays call ‘Kemaruk’ at

1. Knowing how to fully operate the BB Bold

2. Knowing that for a phone camera it is a fantastic camera

3. That I don’t need the big bulky black camera of ours which has already gone kaput, or the pocket olympus which I always can’t remember where it is when I need it. My phone can capture moments just the way I want it. Although, again I remind myself, for a camera phone, it is good enough.