Weekly Bakes

I’ve dedicated Friday afternoons for baking, in an attempt to do the ‘practice makes perfect’. A page to share some recipes which I have tried and tested and turn out to be winners. Just so that I won’t forget what I have attempted. On days I am not too lazy or busy, it will come with photos but I think that would be rare because at the moment, our trusty Oly is kinda kaput from over usage.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Bakes

  1. 5th November 2009

    American Choc Chip Cookies

    I handcopied this recipe from a book I saw on Amazon.com where they had the ‘look inside function’ and 1 or 2 recipe was visible. Ironically I can’t remember the title of the book! But this one is a winner because the husb said so. He is quite a critic of anything ‘angmoh/matsalleh’ I make with the line ‘it’s good but my Mother makes better’. But that line didn’t come up this time round so I guess, it has THE taste. 🙂

    185g plain flour
    1/4 spoon bicarbonate soda
    a pinch of salt
    125g of unsalted butter
    165g soft dark brown sugar
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 medium egg lightly beaten
    225g dark chocolate, chopped

    1. Cream butter and sugar till pale and fluffy
    2. Add vanilla
    3. Add the egg, a little at a time
    4. Add dry mixture, a bit at a time

    If using electric mixture, do so on very low speed.

    5. Mix the chocolates in.

    6. Scoop using teaspoon and place a few cm distance away from each other on the baking tray.

    7. Bake for about 15 min or until the top crack at 160 deg.

    Ok well I tweaked the recipe a little. Since I do not have dark chocolates and only white chocolate and a bit of milk chocolate in my fridge, I reduced the sugar by almost half otherwise it would be too sweet.

    I also do not have unsalted butter, just the normal CSC salted butter, so I omitted the pinch of salt.
    And lastly, I added pumpkin seeds into the batter to give it one last crunch.

    It turned out to be the best cookie bake I’ve had so far. The cookies came out crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and I did the right thing with reducing the sugar because the white and milk chocolate was already making it sweet without the overdose diabetic effect.

  2. Nigella’s Rainbow Cupcakes

    Got a call on late Friday evening that our close friends craved a get together lunch, the last the whole lot met was at our place for iftar. So the Patels kindly offered their abode with Mrs Patel offering to cook. They scheduled it for Sunday afternoon right before the Sunday Aikido training just to make sure we do not have any excuses not to turn up.
    It is not a pot luck lunch but I didn’t feel good not bringing anything to contribute so I decided to do a Nigella from How to be A Domestic Goddess, inspired by the success of fellow blogger, the ever talented Ms Ovenhaven

    The recipe is simply :
    Rainbow Cupcakes
    (adapted from Nigella Lawson’s How To Be A Domestic Goddess; makes 9)

    125g butter
    125g self-raising flour
    125g caster sugar
    2 eggs
    2 tbsps milk
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    food colouring

    Preheat oven to 200C.
    Using a wooden spoon, cream butter and sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy.
    Beat in eggs one at a time, mixing a bit of flour with each addition.
    Add the vanilla extract.
    Mix in the rest of the flour.
    Add milk one tbsp at a time.
    Separate the batter according to the number of food colouring you have, and add in the food colouring. Spoon a bit of each different coloured batter into each muffin cup, until about 1/2 full.
    Bake for 15-20mins. Frost as desired.

    But again, I tweaked it. I reduced the amount of sugar by a good 100g and instead of self-raising flour, I use all purpose baking flour but added sodium bicarbonate ( 1 teaspoon ).

    I had most fun with the colours. I used baby purple, dark turquoise, dark rich pink and bright yellow– all in one cupcake. And I didn’t intend to dress it up with butter cream, so what I did was to shred white and dark chocolate chunks and sprinkled generously on top of each cup prior to baking. Once out of the oven, the top looks a yummy chocolate swirl and the bottom, a hue of colours. I baked in 160deg temp for 20 min instead, to retain the moisture. I finished off by dusting the top with icing sugar before topping it up with maraschino cherry each.

    I am not sure if the whole success of it was because I daydreamed that I WAS THAT Nigella ( ok ok berangan, I know ) hence oozing with the whole sensual aura thingy while baking, or because I followed the instructions to the T and hence produced what it was intended to be or.. whatever it was, it came out awesome and the cake was filled with flavor and moisture. It was meant for the kids at the gathering, but unfortunately or fortunately, the adults got hold on it first had to ration the loot.

    The most UNFORTUNATE thing was that, the battery to our camera was kaput and there was no time to charge, we were late and had to hurriedly pack. Once there lunch, began and dessert followed, all these meant, there were no photos of it!!!

  3. Banana Berry Loaf

    I had some brushes with bad lucks today, which coincidently falls on Friday the 13th, work related which left me nothing but alot stressed up. I refused to continue working for the day, and so it’s time for the weekly bake. The request from last Friday was for Banana Cake. I wanted Banana Loaf and Mdm Happygrub, mother to super gorgeous Hana has her recipe as such.

    Again, I tweaked it. I must be a compulsive recipe tweaker. I never stick to the original!
    Ok so here was what I did.

    250g butter, I used Irish. I had wanted to attempt with French butter but it was more expensive and for a trial, I didn’t want to waste expensive butter on something I am trying for the first time.
    A bunch of Del Monte Bananas
    I reduced the sugar content by 60g.
    I used Kampung Eggs
    Brown sugar
    I deleted the salt altogether as I used salted butter.
    And, to add twist to it, I used Raspberry preserves, a full 4 tablespoons of it.
    Dark and white chocolate chunks, chopped.

    1) First I mashed 3 bananas into 2.5 tablespoon of milk. ( bowl 1)
    2) I mixed the other 2.5 tablespoon of milk with the 4 tablespoon of raspberry preserves. (bowl 2)
    3) Lightly beat the vanilla essence with the 4 kampung eggs in a separate bowl. ( bowl 3)
    4) Mixed the dry ingredients of flour+baking powder+bicarbonate soda together ( bowl 4)
    5) To get started, I cream the butter and sugar together till fluffy.
    6) Slowly pour in the egg mixture from bowl 3 bit by bit.
    7) Add the flour mixture in bit by bit.
    8) Divide the mixture into two, half I poured into bowl 1 and the other half into bowl 2
    9 ) I sliced the remaining 5 bananas into thin slices
    10 ) First layer, I poured the contents of bowl 1 ( banana mix batter )
    11) I covered the top with the thin slices of bananas
    12) Then I poured in the contents of bowl 2, the batter with raspberry preserves.
    13) I covered the top part with another layer of sliced banana.
    14) Final topping with all the dark/white chocolate chunks
    15 ) Bake at 160 deg for 50 min

    The loaf came out pretty good. It looked good. But the impatient goondo that I was, I wanted to transfer the loaf from the baking tin to the container like in the first ten minutes out of the oven, against better judgement. AND IT BROKE!!! 😦
    Luckily it broke into half, which I manage to salvage by cutting each half into squares. Packed it into containers and brought it for post training Friday supper. All the 6 recipients ( including hubby ) of one square piece of cake each it gave 2 thumbs up and asked for 2nd helpings.

    So this recipe IS for keeps. Not such a bad Friday 13th after all… 🙂

  4. I would never bake with french butter!! So expensive!!! Its like S$12 for 250g. I savour it slowly with toast..

    I love the tweaks you made to the recipe. I’ve done the brown sugar, extra sliced bananas and reduced sugar bits. But the raspberry and chocolate thing is new! Another variation is of course nuts, I’ve had mine with lots of walnuts before, its yummy, like a breakfast loaf.

  5. Farhan,
    Yeah I agree. French butter is expensive! My baking teacher says that telur kampung with pure butter will never go wrong. And I try to get fresh telur kampung from the pasar here in the morning. When used for baking, it really does taste different! 🙂

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