Quietly annoyed

A year ago, I succumbed to rapid technological advancement revolution. Simply said, after much resistance, I got myself a Blackberry. When I was growing up, a blackberry is a fruit matsallehs eat. Or people who could afford matsalleh food eat. In other words, it was a luxury.

A year ago, I got myself a blackberry and it was not a fruit that matsalleh eat, rather it was a tool matsalleh created and told the business world we need this fruit tool to make our working life easier. Well it did. It helped me answer work emails fast, quick, on the go and efficiently. It allowed me to communicate with people from the world over for free too, via the messaging apps– so much so that life pre whatsapp was somehow in the distance past. And then there was the BBM.

I bade my black fruit adieu a few days ago for a bread that goes cha cha. Yeap. I fell prey into the android temptation and got myself a HTC ChaCha with the Gingerbread OS. I was excited.

But as the saying goes, how smart can a machine be? In transfering all my old datas from the blackberry to the android, half my contacts from whatsapp went missing. My phone list went haywire. Syncing done in the most unthinkable manner and it left me speechless. And a bit baffled.

Wait. It is a great new toy no doubt. I now have better camera and pages on the screens at the flick of the finger. But the sleepless last few nights it has caused me– what with the missing business contacts etc, I can’t help but wonder, this is the beginning of the end of simple good ol paper and pen life, right?


iHave many things to write. But iHave no time to do it at the moment. iShall consolidate all my thoughts and experiences in one ball of fire. Then iShall blow it bright all out at one go.

On that account, rest in peace Steve. iAm a PC and BB user. But iAdmire your mind.