Meeting the one with a Funny Accent

As far as possible, I would try to keep my online identity as it is, an online identity. Hence the very lack of my personal photos in here. Blogging has given me the opportunity to meet really some wonderful personalities online who share their lives with me from a distance. Sometimes I learn from their experiences, sometimes they inspire me and sometimes, we share a good laugh and shoulders to cry on–all online of course.

A few days ago, I met one such blogger whom I have connected with through this blog and hers for a few years already. We share a common passion for reading, a couple common friends in real life and I guess, a passion for writing (otherwise we won’t be blogging, right?).

I knew how she looks like. She has been generous in posting pictures of her athletic self on her blog and her well-toned biking body. For someone 2 generations ahead of m, that is simply admirable. I don’t know if I have that kind of stamina or discipline to train that much once age is catching up on me. We arranged to meet at KLCC. She called me from DOMES. When I arrived, I knew who to look out for. When I saw her, dang! It was as though we have known each other forever. Actually, that was actually our ‘first date’.

Kak Siti, it was a nice meeting. Thanks for sharing all that you shared. You are simply inspirational!


2 thoughts on “Meeting the one with a Funny Accent

  1. Percicilan,
    I had a lovely time meeting you. You’re right, the first time I saw you I felt like I’ve known you forever. You know what, you’re so incredible nice and lovely, exactly like I had you in mind.

    Jangan lupa email gambar, eh?

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