About mosquitoes

The hot season can only mean one thing in this hot and humid country we live in. Mosquitoes. We have been having bad mozzy problems for a couple of months already and I have bite marks all over my body for souvenirs. We have tried everything to combat the problem, from anti mosquito mats to lemongrass oils to lemongrass/citronella candles. All seemed to be working for a while until them mozzies built immunity within their bodies, only to come back fiercer and more blood thirsty. They made me cranky for the lack of sleep. And for the itchiness. UNTIL…

I was brought to the attention of from the sales book my husband was reading. In it, there was a quote which says

If you think you are too small to make a difference or to create an impact, try being in a room with just ONE mosquito

And that quote simply nailed it right into my brain. So it was a lesson HE wanted me to learn after all. That no one or none of HIS creation is too small for anything big. A mosquito killed the arrogant King Nimrod for goodness sake. And we are giants compared to them mozzies annoying us every night. And yet, the impact they created upon me and my body was substantial to cause me such misery.

We are too small to do anything? I was proven wrong this Ramadan when a good student of IIUM from Singapore created a ripple effect which produced a substantially massive result. All she wanted to do was to get 35 people who read her blog to donate $10 each, to raise $350 to help a handicap-able society in Singapore purchase ONE Braille Quran for the blind Muslims in Singapore. She put up her appeal on her Tumblr and FB and spoke about it to personal friends. Soon the very people who read her blog and FB went about collecting their own donation for the Braille Quran Project and lo and behold, by the end of Ramadan last weekend, she managed to collect enough to purchase TEN Braille Qurans for the association.

Hence these annoying mosquitoes had actually taught me a thing or two. Firstly, we are never too small to make an impact on any good cause. Secondly, life is not meant to be fatalistic. When there is a problem, there are many different ways to seek solutions. Everyone has a choice and giving up is not one of them.

So thank you dear mosquitoes. I still hate you though. Very much.


2 thoughts on “About mosquitoes

  1. You got it right about mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes live between 4-8 weeks only, but the impact they leave is unbelieveable. I’ve been slapping them left and right since I got home.
    Anyho, I wish we had more time to chat the other day, but I’m glad we finally met in person. Thank you again for your beautiful gift.

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