Gimme hope

Right at this moment the song Gimme Hope Joanna is ringing in my head because I’ve just experienced something which gives me hope for this already crappy world. I got a call from Maybank Damansara Utama asking me to collect my debit mastercard from one of its counters. Like huh? Only when I checked my walled, holy freaking sh*ts, I didn’t have it in my wallet so that means it was err, missing? I traced back my last usage of the card and it was to deposit some money from the sales of the Green Charity Bazaar we went to sell our Organic Nablus soaps at.

Someone must have found it (I have a habit of leaving things on top of the atm machines) or the card was left at the atm machine itself and it swallowed back the card or whatever. I was one nervous wreck in the cab on the way to the bank, like what if ALL the money in there had been spent? It is after all a debit card. When I arrived, the officer attending me was nice and sympathetic. He found my card amongst a whole stack of cards which suffered the same fate as mine (ramai jugak orang careless dalam dunia ni ye?). His colleague then checked if any transaction since my last deposit had been made and there weren’t any. Alhamdulillah. No foul play, I got my card and my money back.

As trashy as the world has become, there are still a glimmer of honesty lurking around and that gives me hope.


One thought on “Gimme hope

  1. You’re absolutely right about honest and kind people are still around. As a matter of fact I’ve always believed they are plenty of them, eveywhere, anywhere. Without them, this place would be more chaotic than it is.

    In the past, I left my house key twice (different times) hanging to the keyhole outside the door. I came home from grocery shopping, armful with groceries up to my ears. Opened the door, walked in, closed the door. Put away the groceries, completely forgot about the key.

    The next morning, around 5;30 a.m, I heard the bang on my door. My above neighbor on his way to work saw the key.

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