Very random

I’m trying to get ready for Ramadan. I hope this year will be better than the last year and I hope that I can get to fast the entire month. As with other years spending Ramadan here, we break fast at the mosque so that saves cooking time, really. So I only prepare sahur. And thankfully the husband is a very simple eater. So cereal and sandwiches are good enough for him. He can’t take rice too early in the morning so that works perfectly for me.

Before welcoming the month, we are planning a holiday and somehow the initially a weekend off to somewhere near, suddenly holds a mystical prospect for us. Will write about this later, IF we ever get to go there.

Before I forget.

PAT.. if you are reading this, last Saturday punye Singa lawan Harimau match, sedih aku tak terkata, Harimau Malaya main macan kucing beb. Tee hehe.

My current read, which I started early last week is Gadis Oren. It is a translated book from Norwegian to Malay from the good people of my alma mater ITNM. It is a good read, although with all European writers, it is also very ‘meleret’ as with their long winded personality and over analysis of anything and everything. In the midst of the book, Oslo was bombed by a right-winged racist. I then read the translation of his diary. For a purist/racist who aims for a pure European Christendom, he had the cheek to enjoy Chinese takeaways. He is also, in my humble opinion, super syiok sendiri. He claims himself to be a rare commodity and because of his looks and the way he dresses, he attracts looks and ladies seem to check him out at cafes. Confirm tak betul kan?

Anyway, this Thursday, I will watch the match at home. Although 60 thousand tickets have been sold at Bukit Jalil, I still think the Lion wil triumph… Jangan marah Pat… aku still sayang kat ko! hehe


2 thoughts on “Very random

  1. Lol!! alaaaa… menang SATU kali janganla nak aksyen!!! LOL! But then ko punya Singas were mostly Singa celup beb, bukan Singa ori!! Aku dengar they had difficulty singing the national anthem at the start of match! Ish ish ish! 😛

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