Kancheong Tahap Dewa

I marked today’s date as the date I drove on Malaysian roads with my L plate. Being like a typical ‘lembu’ driver, my kancheong-ness surpassed worldly order. Kancheong tahap dewa. On the record, I knocked down a road sign, dented the school’s car a teeny bit–much to the chagrin of my instructor, let go of the steering wheel when I saw cats crossing in front of me and I think had I not been a bit more careful, the Indian uncles on their bicycles cycling to people’s houses to cut grass may jolly well be my victims too. And I was going at a mere 30 km/h.

I told myself. Nevermind. Pelan-pelan kayuh. Man man lai…



2 thoughts on “Kancheong Tahap Dewa

  1. Huissh!!… terrer betul ko punya driving stunts! Kakakaka! Please warn me the next time you on the road! I’ll avoid it like a plague hohoho!! 😛

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