Big brother is watching

Our of curiosity, I succumbed to the invites to be on Google+. And I am crawling in it trying to make my way through and I have no idea why I am doing this. It started out with Friendster, and then Myspace (which I was never a part of), Multiply, Facebook and now Google+. The convenience of these social networking sites in aiding keeping in touch with people who are far from you, especially for us who live away from our families is undeniable. However, I do wonder how much of it, in the bigger picture of things, are used as a tool to monitor by the Big Brother?

Anyway, yesterday we had to go to the German embassy as the husband had to renew his passport. I think I had a girl crush. The person who served us there was a beautiful, and I mean really beautiful, like the older and more beautiful version of Maya Karin. Terpegun sekejap, and I’m a straight female. Heh. The kind of beauty that warrants an immediate ‘Masya Allah….what a beautiful creation’. The fascination, however, didn’t last that long because she slapped us with the reality that a 32 page passport costs Rm 603. That kind of brought us back to earth with a thud. Secondly, we never declared our marriage in the papers there as we got married in Singapore. Apparently we now have to. And we were told I had to go back to Singapore to get my documents translated into German at the German Embassy Singapore (more money) and get it stamped certified true copy by the embassy there and hear this: each stamp would cost me 20 euros per document. That’s like a freaking Rm 70+ per page! Not only she brought us back to ground with a thud, I think she dug the hole into the ground and I fell into it. No wonder they put a beautiful woman to handle this department!!!

*And oh, this new template is clean and neat. To leave comments you actually have to click on the title of the post and the comment box will appear. Squeaky clean.


One thought on “Big brother is watching

  1. ooh, i like this new layout! Also, sounds like a lot of money just for that!

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