Last lesson on Friday. Sensei left after two weeks of being with us daily and giving us the much needed injection of martial boost into our training here. Soon it will be aiki camp in Jakarta in October. I am so far from being prepared for it. I’ve spent my last two months eating too much and merry making with friends who are here on holiday or just with my other half. For a budoka, I am so ill-disciplined that sometimes I feel I don’t deserve being his student.


6 thoughts on “Booster

  1. Percicilan,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Those times time spent with your other half, friends and ate or anything that brought joy to you were parts of the process that brought you to where you are and shaped you as a woman and as a person.

  2. Hi Perc, is that you in the black hijab?
    Anyways, about my I suppose to contact the kakak or the other way round eh? I can’t remember what it was supposed to be? If I am suppose to contact her, can u pass me her no again. Tks.

  3. Yups! 😛
    I think she will call you or you call her? haha I can’t remember as well. Let me check with her first and I will get back to you k!

  4. It’s all boys ! well your not a boy but you know what I mean, oh and is someone going bald ? 😉 Why do you seem to be the only one paying attention, everyone else is looking at the ground. Sorry, I have a habit of noticing the strangest things sometimes.

  5. LOL! Khadijah.. yes someone is definitely balding LOL! Tell John that being an engineer is tougher than having 5 kids.. haha
    And maybe i’m the only one paying attention at this time is because the teacher is directly in front of me… 😛

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