Not mine but I’m in love…

If I have these and more in my home, I can’t leave to go to work. Or anywhere for that matter.


3 thoughts on “Not mine but I’m in love…

  1. eh, the two amigos! ‘Tiny Black One’ and ‘One-Spot Comot’. hokay, i STILL dunno wat to name ’em…

    them and their (3!) other siblings’ new lepak spot is right in front of the bathroom door in my room. when i wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the nite, i’ve to tiptoe around to make sure no kitties are squashed underfoot.

  2. oh yes, the father’s nose is bright pink! so unbecoming of the ‘man in the house’.

    that’s not Fatso, he’s the other, smaller dark-coloured sibling. hence called the ‘Tiny Black One’.

    let me introduce u to the brood. there’s..
    1) ‘Fatso’
    2) ‘Tiny Black One’
    3) ‘White Fatso’
    4) ‘One-Spot Comot’ and
    5) ‘Two-Spot Comot’

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