More on Makkah

Jabal Thur, or the Mount of Thur where the Prophet pbuh and his companion Abu Bakr hid in the hole protected by cobwebs when they were chased by the Quraish.

At Jabal Rahmah, or Mount of Rahmah where Adam and Eve was reunited after they were thrown out of heaven for their disobedience in eating the forbidden fruit. We climbed up to the top using the original side rocky path for a little rock climbing adventure and were greeted with these love hopefuls who were signing their names with ‘so n so loves so n so’ in any imaginable languages one can think of–on monument built on top of this ‘Love Mountain’. Very soon at the end of the month, there will be painters painting white paint all over the monument and then there will be another set of love hopeful pilgrims with their markers signing their love messages yet again. Love is indeed a universal language :D.

Gate 87, where the husband and I would arrange to meet after each prayer time to walk back to the hotel together.

Tana’im mosque on Tanah Halal. We took vans hailed by the roadside daily to go to Tana’im to take our ‘miqat’ -intention for performing umrah. This was where I met my new friend below.

I was praying my Solat Sunat Ihram when this pregnant tabby came from nowhere and plonked herself onto me, that I had to carry her and moved her to the side of me. Then she purred and ‘golek-golek’ on my feet as though she was my long lost friend from somewhere. Then she sat next to me throughout the time I was reading the doa after solat, read my ‘niat umrah’ and till I walked out of the mosque.

Taken their miqat already, time to go back to Tanah Haram to perform the umrah. We usually go to take miqat in the morning and by the time we reach back in Tanah Haram, it would already be 10am in the morning and soon while doing the tawaf umrah, the sun would be at the hottest. That’s when the kaabah area won’t be as crowded any other times as many would be back in their hotels or indoors to rest and wait for zuhur.

Bird’s eye view from the top floor, during the hottest period of the midsummer day. Needless to say, this shot was not taken by me, who cowardly stayed indoors in the aircon.


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