La baik!

The plan was to write about our journey in Makkah. But somehow I am facing a whole barrage of new things coming along my way which needed my attention and some travels along the way especially in the next few months. So it is the positively busy period for me where I would steal in a moment or two for a breather. And that moment is now.

Pictures are said to be saying a million words. So here are my million words about Makkah which I would really like to share, but unfortunately, I have no time to. At least for now….

Tawaf crowd after subuh. My biggest challenge in throughout the whole Makkah experience was that I was a bit on the agoraphobic side hence early morning tawaf overwhelmed me.

Pilgrims making doa’s facing the Multazam of the Kaabah.

On the way out of Masjidil Haram after our 2nd last Umrah ritual, we spotted a thirsty blind cat drinking zam-zam. May HE bless the kind soul who poured the zam-zam for this blind beauty….

My two retired Maths teacher grannies roommates

Standing on top of hill of Marwah, where Siti Hajar ran 7 times back and forth looking for caravans while her newborn child waited to be fed…

Crowds going back to the hotel after prayers…


4 thoughts on “La baik!

  1. Percicilan,
    I really enjoy reading your journey-your self discovery, meeting new people, places, buildings and the landscape. Very inspiring and humbling. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Rozas,
    That’s what some of the ustaz told us.. that week we were there, they felt as though it was Hajj season..

    Kak Siti,
    I hope I can share more. Insya Allah one day…

    Thanks.. Alhamdulillah

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