Medinah through our lens

A badly taken photo while I rushed to find a spot to do my subuh prayers. I though I was early enough but with the crowd, I had to pray outside, still.
After subuh prayers, everyone walking out of the mosque for some breakfast grub before coming back in for their chance to be with the Prophet…Also a badly taken pic. I was feeling very cold.

Those big umbrella shades which looked strangely like something out of Transformers were not there when I did my first Umrah when I was 20. But these are indeed very very useful to shade us all from the scorching desert sun while we  make our way into the mosque. This was when the umbrellas were in the process of opening up, just before 11 am in the morning when the sun is slowly beginning to make its glorious presence. And these umbrellas emit out cool mist to help us cope with walking the distance from the hotels to the entrance of the mosque while the sun tried our patience.

One good shot by the husband from the opposite side of Masjid Nabawi near the Baqi cemetery. A lonesome pilgrim making his way in while everyone else would be resting at the hotel during the hottest period of the day.

At Uhud… where the famous Battle of Uhud in history took place.


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