Si Merong

“Sampai masa tibanya waktu
Redup hati kamu berdua
Dua jasad mula bersatu
Hidup dan mati jadi bersama….”

I watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa 3 times within a span of 5 days. The first time it was by the spur of the moment when my buddies from Singapore came for a visit and we were at KLCC. And that first time impressed us to no ends, I decided to take the husband along for my second helping.

He was bought over, impressed with the scriptwriting and language used. He even said that he would actually watch the film for the second time just for the language alone.

My third time was a couple of days later, accompanying a friend who enjoyed it just as much. Just now, the husband took his mother to watch it as a sending off movie date as she is flying back home bound for Germany in a few hours. She likes it, although she depended largely on the subtitles. I didnt go with them as I was working. It would have been my 4th time had I gone. Not that I mind.

This is the first ever local production I watched more than once in the cinema. It is also the first ever local production I would actually give a standing ovation to.

If you have not watched it yet, go already!

Come Monday, I may be watching it again, bringing in another guest from home to experience a piece of local awesomeness.


7 thoughts on “Si Merong

  1. Yo CC!! wassuuuuuuuuup???? Definitely gotta catch Merong when I go back this April! Maybe I’ll catch up with you if there is an opportunity?

  2. LOBO!!!!
    hey you.. how are you?!
    When are you coming back? Unfortunately, I would be gone in April for a while…
    Will you be around for May? U balik Easter break eh?

  3. alamaaaak.. x blh la sis.. we all dah balik NZ.
    Balik for 2 things actually. My sister nak kawin, so I thought alang2, I might as well collect some data and do a pilot study… neat huh? hehehehe…
    xpalah xde rezeki.. some other time, or online (as always) hehehe

    Salam and God bless!

  4. I really want to watch this but our plans changed last week. It looks good on the trailer and now that you say it is i must make it soon. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the ‘date’. was a great ending to my trip this time round. Not sure if it’ll be showing here but if it does don’t mind watching it again.

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