Set in the 70s…

I usually have very little patience with Malay soap dramas. Yes, the kind that is the main staple in the local channels. However, I used to be very addicted to one, which is Nur Kasih. I love the quality of acting in there especially that of new comer Tiz Zaqyah. And that of Remy Ishak as well.

These days, I found myself addicted to yet another Malay drama serial on TV3, and also starring Tiz Zaqyah– Gemilang. Set in 1976, it somehow reminded me of the serial Growing Up, that nostalgic 60s drama shown in Singapore. While Growing Up was about family values and relationships, Gemilang is about teachers/teaching/importance of knowledge and yes, relationships. As with any Malay movies, it is a tad draggy but I like the plot nevertheless. Probably it’s Khabir Bhatia’s production and I’m a fan. It may also be because it’s starring Tiz Zaqyah and I’m a fan too. But probably, it’s about teaching and teachers and that tugged my heartstrings.


3 thoughts on “Set in the 70s…

  1. Is khabir bhatia the same one who did Nur Kasih?? If so, then I gotta watch this Gemilang coz I really enjoyed Nur Kasih. Tiz Zaqiyah, she grew on me! I like the way she speaks!!! But how to watch, no TV3! 😦

  2. Yeap.. he directed Nur Kasih as well. You can actually go to tv3 online, register as an online member and you can access all their archive dramas… then you can watch Gemilang from the start… 🙂

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