Japan’s calamity, and I am not talking about the earthquake or the Tsunami but rather, the problem with their nuclear plant post the natural disaster, should be enough to remind all of us that more does not necessarily be for the better. But as usual, we humans are a tad hard in the head to learn and reflect, like that Indian man in Seniman Bujang Lapok who said about his wife, ‘ Itu kepala dia ada batu besar ada duduk’ (There’s a big rock in her head). And because of the rocks in our heads, we continue our daily routines, basking in consumerism and swirling in materialism as though, the earth will swallow some antibiotics and self-heal itself, just as we are conditioned to believe as the solution to all illnesses.

But the earth is really, really ill. Its tummy is purging like a bulimic adolescent already. And yet, the fashionista on the street is worrying when can she get her next LV.


4 thoughts on “Makoto

  1. Well put!

    (Oh and yay!, I can get back to reading blogs/books/my life already)

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