Something for free

The massage lady at Zouk Spa at Desa Sri Hartamas yesterday said to me that she thinks I must be a happy person. I told her she’s right. I am generally very happy with with life, on the whole, although I do grouch about things like bad drivers and expensive Malaysian milk and fruits. But I don’t let those things get into me thoroughly I suppose. I just bitch about it and then turn it into a joke (much to the chagrin of many local friends, but what to do? The drivers are bad here, ok :D) and then let it go. So anyway, I asked her (the massage lady) how did she come to the conclusion that I am a happy person? She said ” Your blood flow is very good… when people are happy, their blood flow very well and all their internal energy flow in the right direction. And because of that, happy people rarely get bad illnesses”

So the cliché is right after all. Laugh. Laughter makes you happy. And when you are happy, you are healthy. Hence laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Think happy thoughts now, people 🙂


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