When Harry meets Stegosaurus

Ok I’m back. Barely 2 minutes after I published the previous entry. Because I am still wide awake.

The day before yesterday, ‘Harry’Lee rocked the boat with his comments about the Muslims of my native land not to be able to integrate into the society at large, and that they (the Muslims) should become less Muslim or practice a less strict Islam in order to be part of the society.

All this came from a man who set up SAP schools purely for the Chinese, extensively ran the ‘Speak Mandarin Campaign’ for years and keep the statistics of minorities at bay by importing planes of people from the mainland when the Singaporean Chinese are not really keen on procreating due to the rising costs. He doesn’t really mind if these imports can’t speak English even when they are working in the service industry. Nor does he mind if they can integrate into the society due to language barriers. He brings in ‘Study Mamas’ using taxpayers money, who are Singaporeans and not all Chinese. And these ‘Study Mamas’ and their children are all from the mainland China. And of course, many other things.

His comments rubbed many in the wrong way, myself included because it borders between baseless insult and low class display of political vindictiveness. I got too upset but after a while, I cooled down, because I have a dementia-stricken grandmother, and she talks a lot of nonsense these days. Harry doesn’t seem to be much different, only that the has not been diagnosed with dementia like my grandmother. Hence all I can say is that I hope Harry enjoys his stay in Jurassic Park as his views are too obsolete for the the modern world controlled by globalisation. And where purists like him are only good in the milk manufacturing industry.


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