A union to be remembered

I have inevitably turned into a lazy blogger, which in my defense I have to mention that I’m hard pressed for time these days. Too many good things are happening and the first 3 weeks of the new year had been too eventful for me to be sitting behind the computer, doing something as arcane as blogging. But of course, I will eat up my own words now and blog because I can’t sleep and I am trying not to raid the fridge ala Nigella.

I watched my sister became a wife one Saturday, and on my mother’s birthday the next day, we had a simple yet cosy reception to celebrate her marriage to someone 1) balding/bald like my own husband 2) an engineer like my own husband 3) a virgo like my own husband 4) eldest born like my own husband 5) born in September like my husband. I am the last person on earth she would want to emulate so let’s just say all of it are coincidences. Hence my parents have 2 bald/balding virgo-an September born eldest sons engineers as their sons-in-laws.

Call me a terrible sister for I readily admit that I am beyond doubt, one–but of all the aspects of the pink and purple garden themed wedding that I can remember is the fact that omg, the food were gobsmack good like no other. The cheese brownie sent to the house after the nikah ceremony was oh-sooo-yummey, Fazana catering, who also did the catering for my wedding did the bubur som-som to perfection and all the other dishes are what I would describe as ‘divine addiction’. I had 2 rounds of main course at the buffet mind you, and 3 rounds of desserts. You see, during my own wedding, I was a stupid bride. I acted shy and coy in my kebaya, in front of the cameramen and of course my newly minted husband. And ONLY took small bites of the Fazana Catering spread and I spend years after that reeling from regret.

See. When I talk about food, I get carried away. Where was I? Ah yes, my sister’s wedding. Overall, I am overjoyed that she got herself a good man, whose family lives 4 bus-stops away from my parents so they will not ‘leave the nest’ it seems. To celebrate this union, my mother and I ‘glamorised’, with fake eyelashes and glam make-up by the make-up artist no less. And 4 outfit changes for mum and 3 for myself. Who got married, the line was blurred because the bride is a simple person who prefers simple things but my mother and I are wedding loving people so we didn’t really care if we went over the top. :p

At Parkway Parade Borders on the eve of the wedding, I got myself the copy of Commitment by Elizabeth Gilbert from the Eat Pray Love fame. Previously, I had shamelessly been reading pages after pages of the book for free at Borders The Curve and on the 2nd chapter, I decided that shamelessness has to stop so there, I got my own copy. In it, Liz tried her best to make sense of this whole business of marriage, in her own quest to make her 2nd to be marriage to her Brazillian lover Felipe work. I had been hesitant about buying the book in the first place (hence reading it for free initially) because 1) I find Liz jugdmental 2) She blows things out of proportion aka makes much ado about nothing 3) Too much rationalisation of her action to make whatever she does acceptable when she can’t seem to be the one to accept 4) ‘menyenyeh’ — like for one point that she tries to make, she beats ten bushes with research findings and if that is not menyeyeh, I don’t know what is.

It all seems to be a good enough reason not to read or even buy the book, although I enjoyed her travelogue Eat Pray Love tremendously (take note Commitment is not a travelogue, but more of a lump of her research findings to support why she should marry Felipe and her issues with the marriage institution). But I bought anyway because separating Liz Gilbert from her issues about marriage, the book actually gave many delicious research nuggets about the history and statistics of marriage (even that of seagulls–I learnt that seagulls has 25% divorce rate, which Singapore is catching up with, but I digress) without me having to read an academic thesis.

A marriage is complex, (probably not as complex as Liz Gilbert made it to be) but I do pray that my sister and her husband find the joys of it just like we did and as cliche as it may sound, till death do them part.

And if there are any other upcoming weddings in which Fazana Catering will be working at, can you kindly invite me? Please? heh


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