In a flash…

A place that habours some of the best memories for me in the last decade is submerged under water, taking 10 human lives with it and several others missing. The first bad news I have in this 2011. I just pray that the people there who means so much to me are safe.

This city is up the hill. 700m above sea level. And it got flooded. Probably, we do need a Noah’s Ark after all…



2 thoughts on “In a flash…

  1. City on a hill hit by floods! Bizzare innit?! We live in this age where nothing is certain nor secure any longer.

  2. The worse thing was, they have been experiencing a 9 year drought spell and this year, rain came like no other, an inland tsunami happened and this catastrophic flood happened which took everyone by shock. Like seriously, if you live 700m above sea level, the least you would expect is a flash flood, right?

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