Hear no evil

Last night we were training along with several other aikidokas from the other dojos. Training itself was intense and serious as they were coming to learn from what our Sensei from Jakarta had to share. And moreover, it was a martial dojo (in opposed to a training dojo) in which all budokas are trained to kill or be killed for honour. Yes, it sound all so masochistic, even to me who were in there with men who want to be samurais. But men are men in flesh and blood and when putting that in perspective, biology takes precedence over masochism. During the final ‘seza’, where we sat in one straight row listening to Sensei’s last advice before training ended, we all heard a loud ‘ppproottttttt’.

So. Samurais wannabes do fart. And when they do, they seem to be able to control their faces tight and taut as thought nothing happened. But alas, the not so samurai me couldn’t stop myself from being kaypoh. I stole glances, sideways to the left and then sideways to the right and immediately knew who did it.


3 thoughts on “Hear no evil

  1. Heheh yes kak Siti.. He knows I know.. kekeke
    ‘Samurais’ can maintain posture and facial expression. Unfortunately, they cannot stop themselves blushing in embarressment and that gave away, especially the one who farted is fair skinned… total giveaway.. lol

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