Food for thoughts

Almost exactly a year ago, at the stroke of midnight 1 January 2010, we were watching fireworks at Damansara Perdana. After which we went to a nearby mamak to have our supper. I had that colourful drink, which some way or another reflected my 2010. The drink was delicious and my year had been awesome.

Not that I am Iranian but for the fun of it, now that I’m thinking of what to eat later when we usher in the new year so that it will be reflective of my year ahead. Perhaps I should do what the Iranians do, eat fish so that the year would be very progressive indeed. But fishes only look forward and never sideways and I don’t quite want to be too hardcore focused like the fish that I won’t be able to see the side scenery and the bigger picture ahead.

Would rice be a good choice? Because I am thinking of the peribahasa “Ikutlah resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk”… because I would like 2011 to be a very productive year in every aspect, be it career, martial arts, self-development and spiritual and yet, still be able to continuously crush my ego under my feet and keep it firmly there.


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