A note to remember

Finally, we have internet connection yet again in our house after an eventful day of 22 Dec 2010 where there was a freak storm in our neighbourhood resulting with a flash flood, many trees struck by lightning, houses zapped–and this included our house which left us with a zapped modem (by lightning), no electricity overnight, an almost zapped cat (luckily Tito made a quick flash dash when she saw lightning coming towards her direction) and the roof on in the guest room leaked like never before– which basically summaries that day to be one scary day albeit a hilarious one, when we look back at it.

I am jotting about that day here so that I will remember and let it be my constant source of reminder. That day was scary enough as it was for me and I should remember that the final day of this earth is going to be so much worse than that freaky day with the terrible storm. So in times of peace, lull and serenity, I must always remember to count my blessings.


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