The Morning Tragedy

I went out to the bank this morning and when I came back, I had wanted to do laundry before my first batch of students come for their English lessons. But when I went to the backyard, I noticed something was not quite what it was. The nest, which had been a home to a species of yellow bird, was no longer hanging from the string from the roof.

Ok… I was about to wonder what happened to it, when I saw where it is!

It plunged straight into the laundry basket, on top of my sweater and the Tupperware lunch bag.

Then I saw something moving in my sweater. Upon closer look, it was a nestling! OMG!!! It looked as though it has just hatched.

I overturned the fallen nest and lo and behold! I saw another one in the midst of hatching!!! Oh myyy oh myyy

After consulting the man of the house, I carefully scooped the first one out using a cupcake casing…

And scooped the other ‘in the process’ nestling into another cupcake casing

After so much efforts of huffing and puffing, it managed to get the top shell off its head! Subhanallah…

Now left to remain and wait till mummy finds her way back, insya Allah.

Ok confession time. I cried. Of happiness and sadness. I’ve never seen an egg hatch live before and now I do.. It was amazing! And I am sad because I am not sure if the mummy or daddy of these babies would ever come back. 😦


3 thoughts on “The Morning Tragedy

  1. the last sentence actually made my heart break a bit, and now i feel upset 😦 update us if they do come back ok?

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