Stollen Moment

Christmas is coming and the husband, being the mummy’s boy that he is, asked me to please go and learn the art of making Stollen from his mother. So I did. But it didn’t last for long (because her darling son aka my mann had it for breakfast on most days) so the schwiegermutti (MIL), who is hosting the Christmas eve dinner here this year, is making another one on Thursday.

Assemble all the ingredients together. I cringed at the amount of butter used.

With your hands, mix the ingredients up

Watch the pro do it…



Until it becomes a dough

Fold it

Get it ready for the oven

Wait for them to rise

Once out, shower it with generous bowls of melted butter!

Drizzle it with powdered sugar

Tadaaaa!!! We have ourselves some really schmeck gut Stollen!

All pics courtesy of my trusty BB Bold 9700. Heh…I never knew camera phone can capture these moments nicely, I’d say that a thousand times over.


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