Top Ten Hits

The year is about to end and I just want to slack the rest of the year away before 2011. Which means I won’t attempt to achieve anything else other than keeping the house clean for guests who will come one after another till 3rd January.

Looking back, this year I managed to :

1. Overcome my fear of being in water by learning how to swim proper. I can now do some laps and that’s an achievement for me who, at this time last year was only contented with staying at the the shallow end of the pool and berendam cautiously.

2. Read 25 books, which means an average of 2 books a month. Not bad considering my schedule.

3. Lose 4kg. This time last year, I was 4 kg heavier than what I am now.

4. Attach myself to a halfway home to teach English, hence finally contributing something to my host country after more than 3 years of enjoying all the good food here. tsk.

5. Attend my first Aikido Camp in Jakarta, and survived it. *phew*

6. Co-translate the breast-feeding manual for international use. That’s one up in our company’s resume.

7. My two UPSR students whom I have been tutoring since Year 5 passed with very good results.

8. Ok this is the most unbelievable, but I taught Secondary 1 Math tuition to my friend’s daughter in an international school here, using British syllabus and pulled her marks up from the 60s range to 90 in her finals! What a self-esteem boost for me!! *heee*. Now I am wondering why I hated Maths so much back then. But it was not all rosy. To teach her, I myself re-learnt all the Sec 1 Maths as though I was sitting for exams and sat for tuition myself–with the husband as my tutor! LOL.

9. Take up Swedish.

10. Upgrade from a basic text and call phone to a smart phone. It was a big move, considering my resistance to technology and gadgets. Now I love my Blackberry to bits because I can take pictures of all the yummy food I ate and irritate my contacts on FB.

So those are more or less the positive things I’ve achieved this year. This year was also interesting because I went to Jakarta every 4 months or so and discovering different aspects of life there with each visit, my sister got engaged, it was the World Cup year, I attended an Rm 1k self-empowerment course- the most expensive self-paid course I’ve attended here, and lastly, I got hooked to Glee.

It has been quite a good year, aye? 🙂


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