A & B

I am finally done with The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, which means I have completed the Trilogy involving the Swedish government, a casanova journalist who, albeit his brilliance, can’t seem to keep his pants up and of course, the protagonist, the tiny aneroxic-looking hacker with the dragon tattoo. The trilogy was all about, in essence, exposing the ills of the Swedish government in dealing with the mafia world and the corrupt practices of government agencies in their ‘behind the scene’ dealings.

I finished it within the same week Julian Assange was arrested by the Swedish government for ‘rape’, in which he denied all charges, claiming that it was consensual, although he admitted that he didn’t take take any precautions.

Somehow, I saw a parallel in Julian Assange and Mikael Blomkvist lives, although Assange is in flesh and blood while Blomkvist is fictional. Both are with the media. Both are on the warpath to expose governmental secrets and hideous government crimes, both are controversial figures, both make the authorities a lot nervous, both, unfortunately have a weakness for women which landed them in trouble some way or the other and both are not popular at all with officials whom they are threatening to expose.

While Blomkvist was described as a charming and good looking man, which makes it understandable why women became his ‘sidekicks’ easily, I can’t say that I find Assange attractive. I think he reminds me of the Megamind character from the cartoon MegaMinds recently shown in the cinemas.

But in any case, in both of them, who dared to expose the ills of the people whom we trust to govern us and to lead us but in actual fact are doing things that are way beyond our expectations– I find that very charming. And brave.


2 thoughts on “A & B

  1. psst..i thought the author’s sudden heart attack at the age of 40 was rather suspicious too don’t you think?

  2. iknowyoufromyouremail,
    yeah i was thinking of that too when I read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Larsson’s heart attack just before the trilogy were published? hmmm

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