Cut it and suck it

I was at KLCC Cold Storage on Tuesday and I saw a strange looking fruit at the fruits and vegetables section. I quickly whipped out my BB and took this pic…

It says there on the price tag that this fruit is called Kiwano. I posted this pic on my FB and it seems that no one else had seen or tasted this fruit before, at least in my circle of 199 friends/contacts in my FB list.

So I did what we urban humans culturally do these days. I googled it. And I found a few websites explaining the nature of this fruit. It has many different names attached to it : the horned melon/jelly melon/English Tomato (!?!?)/Melano/Kiwano. And it is native to Africa.

The other website I went to had a video attached on how to eat a Kiwano. By sucking it.

And this is how a Kiwano looks like when cut in the middle. Strangely, it looks like a huge juicy cucumber on the inside and a yellow ‘noni’ (mengkudu) on the outside. But the Africans are known to eat this fruit to cool down on a hot day. Sort of their version of natural slurpee, I reckon.

I would like to give this fruit a try. But it costs Rm 21 for ONE fruit. That can buy me 2 super delicious cakes from Bisou, which by the way, I just need to say that their Banofee Pie and Red Velvet are out of this world good.


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