Janganlah Melatah

Once, I wrote in here about a phenomena which is unique to the Malays (and also Eskimos) i.e ‘Melatah’.

Since yesterday, after the whole wikileaks saga about the leaders of our little island down south saying that the politicians here are incompetent, it has been a media field day here with various reactions which demonstrates this phenomena crystal clearly. And of all things, poked by a wikileaks article.

Melatah takes up a lot of energy. Ask any oldies if they have been incessantly poked and teased at family gatherings and weddings till they ‘melatah’ to the point they almost choke.

So I see no point in the large scale melatah reactions ‘to what wikileaks said that the leaders down south said’. By melatah-ing to this extend, they are only proving the article right, that they get affected too easily by what others say about them without seeing it as an opportunity to prove the other party wrong by behaving otherwise.

There are roads to be fixed, street lamps not working, babies being thrown and policemen taking bribes. Coupled with the fact that the rich-poor gap is huge and there are many social ills at bay. Instead of fixing all those, they instead spend it on the unproductive acts of melatah, which in turn makes a whole big joke out of themselves.


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