A lil trip to Uganda, shall we?

During one of the sharing sessions at the Self Empowerment Course I attended over the weekend, we had to share with the rest of the class some of the issues we face in our daily lives, which are somehow or the other distracting us or are stumbling blocks for us in our quest to achieve our dreams.

I shamelessly shared my perpetual self-battle, the ‘foodie me’ vs the ‘want to be slim and sporty and healthy me’. And shameless indeed I was, for some time later into the course, the speaker shared with us this video, which she watched during one of the Oprah’s shows.

The video made me feel utterly sick – at myself of course — for these reasons

  1. At the amount of food I am able / and want to consume
  2. At how menial my food problems are in comparison to the children in this video
  3. How shameless I am to be a food snob. There, I admit it. I am a food snob, thanks to some mates who pointed out to me.
  4. As a Muslim, I don’t have and have not had the guts to do like what these Christian missionaries are doing. How shameful I am to even feel that I have done enough by teaching English at the Orphanage like what? Once a week?

This video is so disturbing, the night after I watched it, I tossed and turned in bed, not being able to get the images out of my mind. But kudos to this Christian missionary for doing what they are doing. They are the example of love and respect we should all emulate from. Especially my shameless self.


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