Who’s that Girl?

We were at Istana Budaya last night and towards the end I felt like I should run up the stage and give Erma Fatimah a big hug, for directing something so awesome.

And being mentally and emotionally stuck in the 80s, it felt as though I was given a lil treat of sorts with Susan Lancaster, Sofea Jane and Ziela Jalil on the same playing stage.

I like the cheekily creative way Erma explored with the musical numbers, with a pinch of influence from Slumdog Millionaire and Ip Man.

It was a splendid showmanship alright, with a tiny flaw of casting Aaron Aziz as Burhanuddin Helmi. The latter, in history was one heck of an influential youth leader who was supposedly charismatic and ‘bersemangat dalam menyemarakkan’ the emotions and sentiments which were instrumental in the protest during the tragedy. But Aaron, bless this Pasir Ris mat succeeded in mellowing it down by saying out his ‘influential’ speech like a pre-puberscent teenager running for the prefectorial board.

And I simply love the Maya Karin-Remy Ishak combination as Natrah and Mansor. They may not look anything like the real ones on the cover of this book we bought at the lobby of Istana Budaya, but they both got charm and chemistry and more importantly theatrical showmanship.


2 thoughts on “Who’s that Girl?

  1. Hey, you managed to tug me back to the 80’s too! And a glance at the book cover already made me shout in my head, “OH! Natrah!” So jealous that you get to get your hands on all these…. 😛

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