Our Eid, which started out as a non event actually turned out to be a jam packed full day. I cooked and baked from 5am onwards. At 810am, we left to go for Eid prayers at e neighbourhood mosque which we thought would start the prayers at 830am but when we arrived at 815am, it was already time for khutbah? Oopsie…

Breakfast, jigsaw puzzle, lunch, jigsaw puzzle followed(not me definitely,but the spouse. I busied myself attending to the tummy reactions caused by the not so cooked lemang). Finally at 3pm, we visited a friend whom we’ve been meaning to visit since her dad passed away a month ago but never got the chanced to. There, I had the best Nasi Dage I’ve tasted and shamelessly helped myself to seconds.

While feeling like sleepy dugongs thereafter, we dragged ourselves out to buy tickets for the European Film Festival. Went back home and crashed for a bit after that. I was out again by 630pm, went for maghrib and then watched the really impactful Dutch film, THE ONLY ONE. Post film discussion was at Delicious over latte and strawberry shortcake. While the latte was almost perfectly done, the strawberry shortcake was a disappointment. It was dry and the berries ain’t fresh.

Reached home at 10ish and read through some work emails. At 1130, the husband got hungry and we went out to get him mee hoon goreng and teh tarek from Pelita.

It was 1230am when we finally got home for the FINAL time just now and I am dead pooped, with a looming deadline tomorrow, so really I should be working now but I can’t cause my mind is too tired and I am winding down by typing this.


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