Bizarre love triangle

I am slowly trying to finish the book Think Big by Donald Trump. Very early into the book, he wrote there that one of his principles is that if someone does something bad to you, get even. Stand up for yourself and fight back. If you don’t and you let the person do bad upon you or victimize you without retaliating and/or fighting back just as hard or more, you are just a schmuck. His is the theory of fighting back to the end.

In most faith, we are taught that a bad deed begets another and that what goes round comes round and all those karma theory. Or that in the Christian faith, if someone slaps you in the face, you give the other side. Or that in my faith, just let HIM do the even out for you. This is the theory of total acceptance and leaving it all to the natural balance of good vs evil.

In Martial arts, specifically in aikido, we are  not allowed to give the first strike. We are only allowed to defend. And even then if our rights or our lives or those we are defending are in danger. And we are not allowed to injure our enemies and to treat them with utmost respect. This is the theory of upholding justice but within a certain limit/boundaries.

I do get what Mr Super Confident Trump is saying. His principle is that for anyone not to be the wimpy kid on the block that gets pushed about and bullied. And it has been ingrained in me through faith that I have to just leave the ‘getting back’ to God, that ‘karma’ or ‘what goes round will come round’. And I am also learning, through aikido on how to uphold justice, even to the point where I have to fight.

I am still trying to reconcile between Trumpism, my faith and my art. And in doing so, trying to find the middle path in the midst of all three.


2 thoughts on “Bizarre love triangle

  1. Eh i read the previous post lupa plak what this post is about….oh ye…ye la…I dont believe in giving the other side of my face to be slapped la…sakit….i dont also beleive in sitting back and waiting for the karma to happen plak….mite be too late….but i believe in deterring ….let people know that you are not to be messed with. One of my daughters does that very well..heheh…..

    oh the little black tart moulds I beli kat Daiso….my haunt for blog knick knacks…at the curve…im sure youve been there….everything is 5 ringgit…3rd floor at curve..near Borders side. Nak buat ke? you shd try the ferreros also…SEDAAAP.

  2. Aunty Zurin,
    Yaaa I know Daiso and I always go there and comes out with nonsense…
    I want to try the ferreros and the salmon tart but am leaving for Jakarta after Raya Haji ni so nanti tunggu I balik lah baru try…

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