We went to visit Aunty Meena for Diwali. When we called her to say we were coming, again, she sounded excited. She didn’t allow us to come on the first day of Diwali. She gave the reason that so many people would be at her house on the first day. We knew. Her living room is smaller than my master bedroom and with her siblings and nephews and nieces, she didn’t want to cramp us in like how we experienced 3 Diwalis ago. Not that we minded, but she seems to want to give us the exclusive Diwali visit, in the most endearing way she knows how to.

Some of her Diwali goodies. She makes wicked Muruku, something I always look forward to.

She’s a very pious Hindu and there are many of these deities in her house, which she carefully cleans daily.

Her mean briyani… I love, love, love her briyani. To the point I told her to stop cleaning people’s houses and open a briyani stall.

Her mean chicken curry. Her curry is delicious and it takes her a lot to buy chicken as even chicken is way too expensive for her and her family. But she wanted to serve us something special and she bought the most special thing she could afford. 😥

Our aftermath…

Aunty Meena!!!

Training was right after the visit. The briyani made us sleepy like lazy dugongs but we dragged our full selves to Bangsar for training. After training, our gis were soaked with sweat and I never felt so good. My gi was literally soaked with (liquidified) ghee and now I have a headache as I am typing this down. I’m not sure if it’s from the ghee from the briyani or from the overdose of curry and muruku or that training today was tough. Either way, our Diwali was good!

And for once in a whole month, I regretted taking the pics with the BB. The house was dark and the flash function from the BB is not strong enough, hence the photos didn’t really bring out the true colours of Diwali as we experienced it.


6 thoughts on “Meenarism

  1. hazelnut wafers you can get kat Jaya Jusco…..just go to the biskut section and cari loacker brand ….tapi that one mahal la..ada jugak yg cheaper..I cant remember plak nama brand tu …but i bought the cheaper one. do try the recipe …its EXACTLY like ferrero rocher! sons puas makan ..heheh

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