An eyewitness account

I was on the phone with the husband at 4.18pm. We were making logistical arrangements about yesterday evening. I was to walk to Jaya Jusco at the nearby mall to get groceries supply and he would swing by after work to fetch me home, drop the groceries off and off we would go to the dojo.

This coversation happened when I was sitting on e couch by the sliding door, which was wide open and I could see the street on which our house is on clearly. It was a quiet late afternoon, breezy. Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, as the Malays would call it.

4.23pm. I hung up the phone and seconds after that, I heard an ear piercing scream coming from two houses down. Momentarily, I thought it must be the secondary school girls from the nearby school acting silly with the boys. Then another scream— this time by two ladies, which I recognised to be my neighbours. Before I could react, I heard more screaming from the opposite direction. It came from the few aunties who always hang out outside their houses yakking and gossiping away about everything and anything DAILY. We call this really endearing group the ‘ahli mesyuarat tingkap’. I then saw a couple of the aunties hollering and running towards the direction of the two who screamed first. They were blocked by my banana trees so I couldn’t see them clearly. A couple of seconds later, I saw a motorbike riding off, with the pillion holding their haul of two handbags and a laptop bag. They were Malays, in their 20s-whatever I could register when their bike passed by my house.

That was when I heard myself yell out loud, “ Holy SH*T!!! It’s real!!! It’s a realll godamn robbery! OH sh*t! sh*it!!!”


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