A tease

How does one eat his roti canai? I like mine with egg and ‘banjir’ i.e with the gravy drenched all over. And it has to be fish curry. The spicier the better. If the fish curry is not spicy enough, I would tell the mamak to add a dollop of his red fiery sambal on top of it.

When all of it is done i.e passionately savoured with each mouthful, I’ll wash it all down with teh tarik halia, slowly slurping in the frothy spicy sweetness and feel it swirl against my tongue before swallowing it down, feeling its warmth gently teasing my throat.

THAT is life, my friend.


3 thoughts on “A tease

  1. you know you’ve crossed over to the dark side when you call it roti canai instead of roti prata..hahaha

    i’ve just converted to the banjir camp recently,before that i was the dainty pencecah. and yes..it HAS to be kari ikan.

  2. I knew THAT would come from you labi.. LoL.
    It’s called assimilation by which, soon enough I will see that process when your boys get all nasal n ask to go to Macca for burgers, Mate!

  3. Mine would be sans egg, semestinya banjir with spicy fish curry.. and I love the “explosion” in my mouth when the spicy after-taste collides with teh tarik panas 😀

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