Sudin’s Wisdom

Alif Mim Nun Wau… alif tendang wau…

Sarkis darrr..

Just that with each passing year, the sarkis gets more expensive, with more costly songkets and massive traffic jams caused by outriders and calls for the urgency to fulfill the feudalistic needs of the lazy natives.

In which, the clowns ain’t funny. At all.

*We paid for road tax but you spent it on your sampings, is it? The were potholes on the roads on the way back home from KL just now, the same roads with the same potholes since I moved here some years back.

*And oh, by the way… since we are at it, on the journey back, a few traffic lights are not working. The same few which always breaks down. One already senget. Can you put your 100 storey buildings plan on hold first please? People are getting killed on your badly constructed road.

* Well.. I am just saying…since I contribute actively to your economic growth, my husband paid his taxes here, I pay to get my VISA here and we pay for road tax on time… I am just saying…errm, can stop being short of a bunch of clowns, please?


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