Berry Good

I have since warmed up to the blackberry bold, although my quite chubby fingers takes a while to get used to the QWERTY keypad. No one actually believed me when I said I learnt the trait of handling this thing through the Blackberry Bold for Dummies book, which I got for Rm 69.90 at MPH, half of which was paid through the rebate coupons we got as MPH members. And being the gadget goondo that I am, I meticulously went through page by page of the tutorials and hands on exercises in there almost daily and feel quite smart about this smartphone, already πŸ˜›

Anyway, the thing I enjoy most about this blackberry bold is the camera function and it really does take good pictures for a camera phone. And I have been annoying some parties with all the food pics I took when we go out for our meals with friends or just by ourselves…

Homemade but IKEA inspired. Swedish Open Sandwich. Tuna mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce on fruit and nut rye loaf.

Tahu Bakar from Chawan @ Bangsar Village

Salmon and Caviar cream pasta

Lindt Chilli Chocolate, a gift from a friend who went to Colorado recently

Brown Sugar Appam from Chelo.. this gerai in Bangsar

Macademia Nut Latte from Gelare, Mutiara Damansara

So all in all, I must say that it is a good investment, this gadget although I was very resistant to the idea of it in the beginning. But now my clients for translations projects have given feedback that it’s very easy to discuss with me about the sent documents even when I am out, so it is all good. Especially the camera part. It is food photography in another dimension. Not perfect, but it’s good for a camera phone that is.

And last but not least, the true meaning of ‘Lu relek one corner suaaaa…’


10 thoughts on “Berry Good

  1. Hi greetings from the rainforest. Bangsar sounds like a nice place to hang out – look at all those food, even the cat looks kenyang.

    Have fun with the berry

  2. thanks eh. was out at external mtg when saw pic of ur ‘lelek’ cat u sent. nasib baik tak terkekek depan2 vendor.

    amboiiii bukan main, tito! (that’s tito kan?)

  3. Hullo Grandpa,
    Thanks for stopping by.. πŸ™‚
    Yes, still learning the ropes for the far it has been fun.
    And about the cat, she’s mad at me for something God knows what…

  4. Nymph..
    Yes that’s Tito.. Abg dia Milo tak segemuk dia nihh!! ehhee

    She was sleeping in the toilet when I put her out cause I wanted to shower and when I came out, I saw this.. Kira merajuk lah ni.. πŸ˜›

  5. She’s merajuk allright. Look at her face expression:))
    Those are excellent shots, especially the Swedish Open Sandwich,you could see every vein and wrinkle on lettuce leaf. You’re an excellent shooter.

  6. Blackberry bold?!! Waaa… so canggih ah.. that’s a very BIG step for you, woman! Congrats! You’ve…err… arrived? ;P

  7. Pat.. LoL.. You know that wayy to well.. Tapi aku masih terkial-kial baca buku Blackberry Bold for Dummies.. Nanti dah khatam aku blog lagi heh

  8. Wah..not bad eh this berry fone. Of cos, photographer pon bagos lah. πŸ˜€ is the fone really too difficult to use?

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