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One household errand I’ve always found to be therapeutic is grocery shopping. I can spend hours along the aisle of the supermarket, what more if it is a hypermarket. I cannot explain this phenomena, but I am not alone in this ‘hobby’ because I found that many of my female friends do share this ‘grocery shopping therapy’, provided one or two conditions are fulfilled i.e 1) sans children and 2) Not in a hurry and for me particularly, being sent and fetched to and from the supermarket since I don’t drive.

However, there are some occasions whereby this ‘hobby’ turned into a real chore, because since I don’t drive, I am forever at the mercy of the availability of cabs. And if the place I chose to shop at is not near the taxi stand, I would be lugging the groceries all the way to the taxi stand and then upon reaching my house, from the cab, through the driveway and into the house.

I could save all those trouble if I do the grocery shopping on weekends. However, everyone else does their grocery shopping on weekends hence it became non-therapeutic anymore, especially having to brave the crowds.

Recently, a friend here gave me the ultimate solution. She gave me this link.  Back home, NTUC and Cold Storage have online shopping, which none of my family members or friends have tried that service, so I don’t have any feedback on how reliable they are as yet.

Today I was feeling a little under the weather, in addition to the full day of work awaiting and later deadlines to meet, I decided to give online grocery shopping a go.

I made my order at about 9.30 am. The prices of the products are comparable to the ones at the supermarket I frequent and what is best, free delivery for purchases above RM 30. Those are all the perks for me. I get my groceries delivered to my kitchen, I don’t have to pay for cabs (OR WAIT FOR ONE) and I pay the same price had I taken all the trouble to go out to a real supermarket.

Since I ordered at 9.30 am, I have missed the morning delivery so I opted for evening one which was stated to be between 4 to 6pm. As it was my first time, I didn’t want to buy too many things so that IF I have any grievances about this whole new shopping experience, I would not have to kick myself in the butt for it.

The order list which we can print out at the check out page…

My order came at 4.20pm, and the delivery man sent my orders all the way in, checked the products are in perfect condition and made me sign a form to say that each of the products are received in good conditions, which they are! The bananas I ordered are fresh and the juices are still cold. My only complain is that they use too many plastic bags, which I think I will feedback to them about.

And the end of it all, is the bill, which is cash on delivery. So I pay only when I get the goods. No hanky panky, no worries, no credit card drama. I like!

So thank you ! I will definitely be your most loyal customer from now on!


2 thoughts on “Click for food

  1. OK.. I’ve click. Now, where’s the food!! LOL

    Hey, tell me if it’s really consistently this good ok?

    BTW, what if u provide them with your basket? That was what I used to do when I was getting weekly delivery from a now defunct organic farm. I bought 2 big baskets. He will deliver in one and collects the empty one from the last delivery for my next order.

  2. Andrea..
    That’s a very good idea.
    The best perk for me for this virgrocery is the prepacked organic vegetables for two for a week…
    I will try again next week. If it’s still good and Onz lah…. goodbye pakcik/ahpek teksi

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