Lesen to Kill

He was standing by the roadside, at the zebra crossing, his crinkly hand holding his walking cane. His expression was that of bewilderment. He could have perhaps, been waiting there for at least 10 minutes, but none of the cars zooming past stopped to let him cross. He was standing at the zebra crossing.

A moment later, I came and stood by him. Both my hands were heavy with groceries. We stood there at the zebra crossing and I joined his bewilderment. None of the cars stopped. We were standing at the zebra crossing. Both of us only managed to cross a couple of minutes later when the road was more or less cleared. BUT, we had to hurry, despite my load and his age, because we saw oncoming traffic which, by their speed, didn’t look as if they give a hoot that a zebra crossing is barely a 100 meters ahead and there were people actually crossing, at the zebra crossing.

Another day. We were outside Dang Wangi LRT station. There was a traffic light/pedestrian crossing. We stood there waiting for our turn to cross. Along with us were two elderlies and a couple of kids in school uniforms. All of us were waiting for the green man to beep, indicating it was our right to cross. When the green man came, all of us crossed because it was, well, our right to do so. Oh! So we thought. Just then a car drove through the red light, on purpose after he had seen the kids and the old lady passed by his car. It was still red and the green man was still beeping and we were still crossing. But he just drove through, as though it was the most naturally correct thing to do.

Another day. Our car was on the highway. We were about 2 meters behind the car in the front. We soon reach the point where the highway divides into two, one goes to the flyover and the other continues at the bottom. Suddenly, without any signal, the car in front made an illegal last minute turn into our lane, which continues to the bottom, when part of his car was already going up the other way. The husband, thankfully was alert and made the emergency swerve to the left, which caused the cars behind us and on our left to react to protect our car from banging into them. The culprit? He drove on as though nothing happened and continued his journey. It was just another day for him.

And in a macabre way, it was just another day for us too.

But my question still remains. How do the people here get their driving license?

Beli ka?


3 thoughts on “Lesen to Kill

  1. I swear had I died during that potentially horrendous accident, I would come back from the dead as a Hantu Polis Trapik (yg bersih—hantu pun ada yang ambek rasuah hokey) and haunt that ninkampoop till the end of his life!

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