Saving graces

As far as I am concerned, I like Julia Roberts. Period. Hence although I found the movie Eat Pray Love a tad disappointing and just not it, Julia and also the fact that Christine Hakim was chosen to play the minor role of Wayan, were enough saving graces for me.

And oh… the soundtrack and music video are nice too. Other than that, the movie is what I would describe as beautifully shaped chocolates in fancy gift box, but the chocolates do not taste good.

As much as I like Julia, I just think she  didn’t carry the Elizabeth role the way it was intended to be. The Elizabeth played by Julia is always looking forlorn and brooding, while Elizabeth Gilbert as in the book, although very much a scatterbrain and a ‘not-sure-what-she-wants’ individual, she is quirky, witty and full of life. The way Julia played Elizabeth made the whole movie more draggy than it already is, what with her spaced out moments/melancholic moods– is just not it.


4 thoughts on “Saving graces

  1. I have to agree with you on that. Somehow Julia Roberts comes across as ..uhmm.. fake.. in the movie. It’s like her life is a whole series of neatly packaged coincidences meant to join the dots from beginning to end.

    I happened to watch her interview on the BBC breakfast show the morning after the movie opened in London and I must say that she was sounded kinda guarded. Even her jokes and facial expressions seemed well-scripted.

  2. Andrea..
    I think she pulled the melancholic stunt a bit too deep for the original character. Elizabeth is flighty with escapism issue but she is not the brooding melancholic termenung sepanjang masa kind yang Julia potrayed in the movie.. How she interpreted Elizabeth’s character to be like that leaves me to wonder…

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