No sight no biggy

Just now, which by now had become yesterday, we trained in the dark outside. It was a training session to make us more aware of our senses, when sight is taken away from us. It was really dark and the only dim light we had was 6 meters away from the guard room.

The purpose of the session today was to train our other senses when all we could do was to hear or feel our enemies/attackers/opponents but we cannot see them. Initially I thought it was going to be tough because I am so ‘potek’/’rabun’/shortsighted but then, I realised that I did better in darkness and in light, perhaps because I am such an easily distractable person that when there is light, I tend to look at what is in my surroundings, what technique that person is doing etc.

In darkness, I had to really listen or feel my sparring partner because I couldn’t see where or what is happening. And that is all the point of the whole thing.

After the lesson, I realized that we are all created to survive in this world. When one or more senses or faculties are taken away from us, the others will become stronger to ensure our survival. Whether we realize this or not to capitalize on our ability to survive despite it all, is a different matter altogether.


2 thoughts on “No sight no biggy

  1. What a coincidence! I attended an “Integration of our Senses” course and we did the same last nite! We ate with our eyes being blindfolded in the dark and walked out from the centre to the park ; bare footed and blindfolded. It was very relaxing listening to the surroundings – crickets, birds, nite breeze, the grass, mud and it was so relaxing being with nature. And the instructor – a German lady 🙂

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