Curse of the lazy natives

To go to the library in front of my house, I would have to pass by the row of terrace houses in front of our own and, a tiny park in which there is a playground, a community center which has a cafe and finally the library which is the building side by side to the community centre.

Just now I did all that, and at the park, there was a gang of secondary school students from the nearby secondary school, boys hanging out in the playground acting silly, girls sitting down gossiping at the benches sms-ing and sometimes acting silly as well.

They were all Malays.

Then I reached the library. There were many students in there as well, also from the same secondary school nearby. There were groups and tables of them. Hurdled together, intensely in revision for it is after all, the year end examination period and the SPM is just around the corner. The atmosphere was so intense, it was even competitive. There was the unmistakable aura of avid focus in their revision books and past year papers.

They were all Chinese.

This scene is not unique for only today. I have encountered it many times since living in this area for the past 3 years.

I had wanted to walk back to the playground and give each of those kids at the playground a knock on the head. I wanted to say to them, that if this is what they are doing right now, in ten years time, don’t they bl**dy effing dare to talk about the bumi rights or shout about in parliament making a bigger bl**dy fool of themselves talking about the rights of themselves as the natives of the land.

I made my few steps back, then turned around and walked back into the library. Those lazy natives at the playground are not my children, this is not my country and hence, I decided it is not my call to bother about them.

And so, I spent the entire afternoon, working away in the library with these kids who are carving their own bright future for themselves, and possibly their country too.

Taken from the phone from where I was sitting.To the side of me there were more such SPM revision groupies.

What did HE say in the Quran? ” He helps those who help themselves” right?.


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